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What’s In Focus helps eye care practitioners build their practices. We support you in creating a positive environment that promotes quality care, practice growth and satisfaction for you, your staff and patients.


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Our mission is to assist eye care practitioners in developing effective marketing and communication tools to use in their practices. Providing excellent patient care in an environment that is positive and fulfilling for patients, staff and doctors is our goal. Patient education and communication utilizing social media is a specialty.


Having a successful and fulfilling practice is not all about who can see patients the fastest, who has the largest gross or who has the most state-of-the-art equipment. There are other elements that can define success. Remembering why you chose optometry and the excitement you experienced when you began seeing patients often gets lost in the daily grind of running a practice. It is possible to recapture some of that excitement. By developing a connection with your patients and letting them know you care, you will build and sustain your practice. Creating a unified team of staff and doctors projects a positive message of caring and clinical excellence that will enrich your life and all those who visit your office.