What’s In Focus is not a typical consulting company. Our focus is different. A successful practice is important, but finding time for a personal life is too.

What’s in Focus helps you find that balance. Our belief is that communications and making valuable connections with your staff and patients are integral to making your practice a success. Technology has improved care, but makes establishing a personal connection even more difficult. We need to develop new strategies to offer excellent, state-of-the art care and still not lose that vital personal touch.

We specialize in:

  • Marketing through social media
  • Communication
  • Staff training and selection
  • Education of staff and patients
  • Experiential marketing
  • Office Culture and Staff Engagement

Please visit our free doctor’s blog for other ideas that could be implemented in your practice. It offers simple, inexpensive ways to make your practice better and more rewarding both personally and professionally. Increasing communication skills, creating a positive work environment, encouraging staff participation, and promoting patient loyalty are just a few of the areas discussed. We also offer other free resources to help you and your staff make the personal touch that is so important in your practices.

We want to inspire you to create a practice that you enjoy and makes you proud. Helping you develop a team that exceeds your expectations and shares your goals would be our pleasure.

We look forward to working with you.

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My name is Beth Workman. For forty plus years, I’ve been providing quality eye care to my patients. And, believe it or not, I still like what I do. During that time, I’ve worked in many different types of practices. Every experience was educational. This exposure has shown me that there are many ways to offer eye care. 

Today it is a challenge to combine new technological advances with some of the qualities of practice in the past. Both old and new have something to offer to the doctor and the patients. Combining education with good care ensures better results for the patient and increases compliance. Customizing care to the patient guarantees that their needs are met. Exceeding patient expectations with personalized care becomes your best marketing tool.

I created this company to challenge the status quo. Most of what I hear is that we have to sacrifice connection and quality to survive and be competitive. I want to put out a positive message that you can create a professional and personal life that you want. It is my goal to find creative new ways to allow optometrists to have the practice they desire. I want to provide ideas that allow you to distinguish your practice.

I believe in what I am doing. It’s possible to create a productive practice, decrease stress in your life and create a more positive work experience for you, your staff and patients. The requirements are an open mind, a willingness to make changes and a commitment to looking for the best solution for you and your practice. I stand willing and eager to help you reach those goals.